The patented construction of NWKC's Merino Dual Cloth starts on a flat knitting machine, using three separate yarns to create two distinct layers.

The first yarn, making up the face layer of the fabric, is 100% fine merino wool from Sudwolle in Germany, made for high-performance stretch and recovery, also machine washable. There is not another mill in the world able to spin merino yarns to this degree of quality and function.

The second yarn, making up the reverse layer of fabric, is a cotton/poly blend produced by Tuscarora in North Carolina. This provides interior comfort and complements the face yarn's stretch and recovery capabilities.

The third yarn is a Spandex blend that interlocks between stitches formed on the face and reverse layers. Used for stability and durability of the two main layers, Spandex allows for the wool and cotton to coexist without sacrificing performance of either layer.

This patented method of construction and exclusive combination of yarn is built for versatility in casual and active wear. With its high points of stretch and recovery, effortless care, and a clean aesthetic, the Merino Dual Cloth is an unequaled fabric no doubt worthy of resurrection.